Machine learning products as a service

We work out your machine learning ideas for $199 per week.


Only once you have a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) you actually understand the true potential of your machine learning idea. Big tech companies follow the same principle: first they build a MVP internally, then they proceed if results look promising.

Simone Romano
Ex machine learning scientist at Microsoft and Huawei
Maker of Pink Machine Learning

How does this work?

  • Write down to us your idea. Tell us if you have data available or some technology already implemented.
  • In 1-2 business days we prepare a report that shows the required steps to implement your idea. We usually sketch a timeline to get to a functional MVP in one month. We use Asana for this, so you can keep track of what we are doing.
  • We implement your machine learning idea using open source libraries and custom code. We document the process in Asana. We keep on iterating on your idea and our implementation till you are 100% satisfied.
  • After you get a fully functional MVP, we outline the future steps that you should take to take your project further independently.


Here are some examples of machine learning MVPs that can be implemented in a month or less.

Data exploration

You have some data and do not really know what can be done with it. We run machine learning algorithms to detect if there are any patterns. Then, we give you some suggestions on what possible products you could build on top of that with machine learning. If you want to play with the algorithms that we ran, we also provide this analysis to you in Colab.

Search engines

You have textual data, a bunch of images, or maybe videos. You want to be able to search across them using textual queries or images as query. We can build a fully functional MVP for your users that allows them to type queries in and get results. We usually use Streamlit to get fully interactive machine learning apps.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

You want a product built on machine learning for text. Maybe you want to classify if the sentiment is positive or negative. Maybe you want to identify its topic or the entities discussed. We can build your product based on NLP such as: text classification, keyword extraction, entity recognition, text generation etc.

Computer vision

You want us to work with images or videos. Do you want to automatically count how many people appear in a picture? Or maybe you want to automatically remove backgrounds. We build products based on computer vision such as: image classification, image segmentation, object detection etc.

Predictive models

You want a model that generalizes past behavior to predict future trends. For example, you want to suggest products that are bought together to recommend them together. We can build products based on more classical machine learning. Just ask us.

Other features you will like

  • You'll get a dedicated engineer for your project.
  • We iterate on your idea till you are 100% satisfied.
  • Of course all code we write is going to be yours.
  • If you see within 7 days that this is not what you want, you get fully refunded.

Ready to get us started?

A MVP deployed for you has no additional costs. In case you also want a dedicated website, there are hosting expenses to include. We state these costs in the report you will receive.